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A boutique dental laboratory serving Bayside Melbourne

Artisan Dental Laboratory has been operating in Parkdale for more than 20 years. Our senior Technician, Daniel Eldred, qualified from R.M.I.T in 1991 and Artisan Dental Laboratory was established soon after. Many years of experience and training have allowed Daniel to apply his dedication and skills to patient care. Daniel provides dental prosthetics and dentures, including full upper and lower and also partial dentures. With the requirements of the patient in mind, along with the wishes of the dentist, Daniel designs for function and comfort, applying a highly tuned eye for aesthetic detail.

The laboratory caters for many dental appliances and denture services, relines, repairs and additions. We also create many quality orthodontic appliances, and TMJ splints, trays and mouthguards. We provide high quality results with a prompt turnaround.

Daniel is a Licensed and Registered Dental Technician.


Artisan Dental laboratory produces a full range of orthodontic appliances, from simple Orthodontic retainers to Schwartz Bean four–way screws appliances, Twin Block re–positions Appliances, Bionators to open/ close/ hold, as well as full wire based crozats and many more functional designs, Individual designs can be catered for as well.

We will also refit four–way screw appliances, adapting to new impression/model. For all acrylic appliances, a full range of colours and stickers available to choose from.

Orthodontic appliances
Orthodontic appliance frame

Artisan Dental laboratory produces a full range of dentures, from full upper and lower to acrylic partials and also including Chrome cobalt and Titanium partials. We use high quality teeth and dental resins also high impact for tougher strength. we also provide hard and soft relines. Our wax set up’s are of function and detail to suit all cases and our processing and finishing is of a very high standard. The laboratory has many years of experience working with Dentist and patient to provide a high standard in denture care.

Denture full partial
Denture partial

Artisan Dental laboratory provides all types of thermal suck down and pressure forming appliances.

Custom Impression Trays, Occlusal splints, Dual Laminated Splints, Bleaching trays, Fluoride trays, Night guards, Medication splints, Retainers, and many more. All thicknesses available.

Bite splints and bleaching trays

Positioning splint for TMJ patients. Lingual bar with clear resin bite blocks, dual laminate suck down splints or individual clear resin.

Custom–fitted mouth guards are a must for people of all ages who engage in contact sports. Artisan Dental Laboratory can produce a custom–fitted mouthguard with a quick turnaround time and at an affordable price.

We also provide a double laminated guard for a higher and tougher protection. We use a clear 2mm sheet thermally fused over the pre–made guard to add extra strength and thickness to give the patient more confidence.

This is a very popular and highly requested appliance for both children and adults. All colours and teams available.


Artisan Dental Laboratory undertakes crown and bridge work, metal based coppings PFM. We achieve a high level of aesthetic quality and pay careful attention to detail and colour matching.


Denture breaks, or teeth breaking off, can be fixed promptly. Additions to dentures or remodelling are available. Artisan Dental Laboratory offers all types of repairs to all types of dental appliances.


Artisan Dental Laboratory creates models in plaster and yellow stone. Demo Models are available.

In some cases, we can offer a same day–turnaround. We offer a local pick–up and drop–off service, along with friendly and helpful service with a commitment to ensuring that you receive the product you are looking for.


48 Seventh Street Parkdale Vic 3195

Telephone: (03) 9587 5293

Mobile: 0403 002 513

Email: daniel@artisandentallab.com.au